Military Fiberglass - Industry Experience Is Key

Military Fiberglass and Composites

Fiberglass composites used in F15 ground support

Military fiberglass used in F15 ground support

Military grade fiberglass means more than producing a lighter and stronger product. Producing military fiberglass and composites requires a critical understanding of the special business and project management needs of military contractors and subcontractors. We understand the project oversight and reporting requirements mandated by regulatory agencies (DCAA / FAR) and we have programs in place to meet those requirements.

Fiberglass and composites used in military applications

Fiberglass makes military parts lighter and stronger

Mil Spec Fiberglass Assemblies

If you have a product assembly that includes a fiberglass housing or component, Fiberglass Sales, can provide complete component procurement and assembly services. FGS can design and manufacture the fiberglass component or housing, procure required mil spec components with certifications from suppliers, and assemble the complete product for delivery to you.

Fiberglass in Military Conformal Couplers

Conformal Couplers made of Fiberglass

Fiberglass Sales are Fiberglass and composite specialists. They can answer any questions you may have about the use or potential use of fiberglass, composites, or carbon fiber in your product. Contact our helpful staff to get any information you need to make the best choice for your product.