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Wood Bridge Reinforced With Fiberglass
01/29/2009   11:44
The Kings Road bridge crossing Hopkins Creek in Jacksonville Beach, FL, was badly in need of repairs. After a decade of debate over funding, the repairs are now underway.

The fact that funding was an issue is not a surprise in municipal projects, the part that I found interesting is the manner in which the 50-year-old wooden pilings of the bridge are being reinforced. The pilings will be wrapped in fiberglass (most likely with a temporary outer mold) and then epoxy will be poured into the glass to create the reinforcement.

Landmark Engineering in Jacksonville, which is overseeing the project, introduced the new technique of wrapping pilings in fiberglass and epoxy. Cline Contracting was selected for the work because it has completed about 30 bridge rehabs already, but Cline says the fiberglass and epoxy reinforcement is a unique experience for their crew.

You can read the whole story and see some photo's and a short video on the website.