Fiberglass Molds and Plugs

Fiberglass Sales plugs and molds development prices are in most instances substantially cheaper than any other composite manufacturer in the United States or Canada. If you have an existing part that you want manufactured, we can pull a mold directly from that part and reproduce the part with or without modification.

In many instances, our customers provide us with a simple sketch, in which case we develop accurate shop drawings, then produce a plug from which the mold is made prior to the production run. (Please see plugs & molds for an explanation of these terms) To reduce your initial outlay you can produce your own plug (or provide a sample of the part you want reproduced) and we can simply pull a mold off the plug or sample.

Plug and Mold Cost.

Generally the plug and mold costs decrease as the number of parts produced increases. For very large and continuous production runs we will in most instances charge for the initial set of plugs and molds but not for subsequent sets. The complexity of the part also greatly influences the initial mold cost. A simple two dimensional part is the least expensive to make and requires the simplest mold (a flat sheet for example) and multi˝faceted parts requiring multi˝part, complex molds are the most expensive. Again, even here, the number of units in the production run greatly influences the pricing. If we can amortize the molds over many units this reduces the cost.