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Industrial Fiberglass Sink

Industrial Fiberglass Sink

Fiberglass Sales can help your business maximize it's profits by being your fiberglass manufacturing partner. Just because your product offering requires a custom fiberglass piece or component doesn't mean that you have to manufacture that part yourself. Concentrate on your business's core competencies by outsourcing your fiberglass manufacturing requirements to Fiberglass Sales.

We are a fiberglass manufacturer that specializes in medium sized manufacturing runs, so you don't have to commit to thousands of units in a single order. Depending on the size and complexity of your fiberglass part, we can manufacture in quantities as low as 25 units. If you have been manufacturing your fiberglass parts in-house because industrial manufacturers told you that you must commit to thousands of units per run, you now have another option.

This type of medium run fiberglass manufacturing is also a perfect solution for specialized custom fiberglass parts or components that ultimately will require several hundred pieces, but only require a few dozen to be delivered every four-to-six months. An example of this is a custom designed architectural piece designed for a large condominium complex construction project. Ultimately, hundreds of units were required, but each building only needed 40 to 50 pieces. The project schedule called for one building to be completed every six months. We delivered the required quantity of units at the required intervals. This saved thousands of dollars compared to a traditional fiberglass manufacturer that would require all the parts to be fabricated, delivered, and stored for the duration of the project.

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