Fiberglass Fabrication Industry Experience

Architectural Fiberglass Planter Plug

Fiberglass Planter Plug
(6 foot x 30 inch x 22 inch)

When selecting a business partner to produce your fiberglass part or component you want a fiberglass fabrication expert who has extensive experience in your industry. Only with experience can a fiberglass design engineer or fiberglass fabricator make recommendations to you that can head off potential pitfalls or problems.

If your product is marketed to the aerospace industry, does your fiberglass fabricator know what is necessary to meet FAA requirements? Fiberglass Sales does. If your fiberglass part is for the marine environment can your fiberglass fabricator tell you how salt water and fresh water affect different resins? Fiberglass Sales can. Fiberglass Sales has extensive experience in many industries. No matter what your requirements are, chances are we have been there before.

Fiberglass Sales are Fiberglass and composite specialists. They can answer any questions you may have about the use or potential use of fiberglass, composites, or carbon fiber in your product. Contact our helpful staff to get any information you need to make the best choice for your product.