Fiberglass Product Design and Engineering Services

Great Products Start With Great Product Design Services

design idea
Many times the most daunting part of a new venture is just getting started. You have a product idea and you are pretty sure it will work; won't it? Just that little bit of doubt can paralyze a project and keep you from ever getting it off the ground.

Many people feel that they have to have all the answers before they approach a vendor with their project. This is not true. Many of our fiberglass projects are born out of informal discussions with our clients. In fact, the right time to involve a fiberglass design specialist is at the beginning of the product design process. A fiberglass engineer can point out things you may not have considered and suggest design elements that can make your product even better.

Fiberglass CAD Rendering

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Our fiberglass design engineers utilize leading-edge computerized technology to help design your product. Using CAD to design your fiberglass product in virtual space allows us to make changes or test options and see the results without having to physically build and rebuild prototypes. Through CAD, we can change product dimensions or model alternative materials and see what affect they have on load capacities, ranges of motion, weight, etc; all without having to go through the considerable time and expense of building multiple prototypes. These savings are passed on to the customer in the form of lower overall project cost.

Fiberglass Mold

Precision Engineering for Accurate Construction

CAD development also allows our fiberglass designers to design products with very tight tolerances. Computer controlled shaping and milling equipment can be utilized to create fiberglass molds so precise that when multiple parts are fitted together, they appear virtually seamless.

Fiberglass Part
All of this allows our product design experts to help you design fiberglass parts and components that realize your goals. Call us today and involve our product design engineers early in your project. The results will be a better design, smoother development cycle, and ultimately a better finished product.