Automotive Fiberglass - Industry Applications and Experience

Fiberglass Race Car Body

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Fiberglass Sales has been working with the automotive industry almost from inception. We fabricate everything from fiberglass race car bodies to fiberglass motorcycle fairings and even fiberglass seats for CART racing. We know what works in automotive fiberglass and we know what doesn't. In fact, Fiberglass Sales currently fabricates race car body parts and components for one of the leading professional race car driving schools in the world.

But the application of fiberglass within the automotive realm is not restricted to high tech racing components. The special properties of fiberglass (FRP) and composites make them an ideal medium for designing a wide array automotive parts and accessories.

Examples of automotive fiberglass:
  • fiberglass cowls / fiberglass hoods

  • fiberglass ground effects

  • fiberglass body kits

  • fiberglass spoilers / fiberglass air dams

  • fiberglass tail wings / carbon fiber rear wings

  • fiberglass consoles / carbon fiber consoles

  • fiberglass gauges

  • fiberglass doors / fiberglass door panels

  • fiberglass speaker boxes / fiberglass subwoofer enclosures

  • fiberglass deck lids

  • fiberglass fenders

  • fiberglass motorcycle fairings

  • fiberglass head lamp assembly
And much more!

Fiberglass Sales are Fiberglass and composite specialists. They can answer any questions you may have about the use or potential use of fiberglass, composites, or carbon fiber in your product. Contact our helpful staff to get any information you need to make the best choice for your product.