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Supplier of Custom Fiberglass Parts and Components (FRP)

Fiberglass Sales (FGS) is a leading supplier of custom fiberglass parts and composite parts (FRP) to product manufacturers nationwide. We are custom fiberglass fabrication and engineering specialists providing composites and fiberglass design and engineering services to companies in a variety of industries: structural and architectural fiberglass to the building industry, fiberglass body parts for auto racing, marine fiberglass, fiberglass sports equipment, fiberglass helmets and safety equipment, and fiberglass aircraft parts to the aerospace and military industries. We design and manufacture parts and components utilizing composite materials such as fiberglass, and fiber reinforced plastics (FRP).

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Military Fiberglass & Aerospace Composites

Custom Fiberglass Fabrication Specialists

Fiberglass Sales (FGS) are full service custom fiberglass fabrication and engineering specialists. Utilizing the latest in CAD development, we design, engineer, and manufacture parts to your specifications. With a full quality program in place, we can manufacturing fiberglass parts or produce full product assemblies that meet the stringent conformance and traceability requirements of government, military, and aerospace contractors.

We manufacture parts to your specifications whether you have complete CAD drawings or just a sketch on the back of an envelope. We can design and engineer your custom fiberglass product from scratch or partial specification, create shop drawings, plugs and molds, and then fabricate the parts and have them delivered right to your door.

Our prototype, plug development and mold development lab is situated in Jupiter, on the South Eastern coast of Florida. Most of our orders range in quantity from 5 parts all the way to 50,000 parts. Email or call us with your request for a quotation (RFQ)!